Piling & Groundwork

Limaks Services Ltd is a specialist piling contractor offering full range of piling services depending on the site’s ground conditions. We understand that searching for a reliable company to do piling work can be very challenging and frustrating, but Limaks Services is here for you. If you are looking for optimal solution for restricted sites, noise and vibration sensitive work or a solution in difficult ground conditions. You are on the right page. Limaks Services can offer you with Mini Micro Piling, Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piles, Screw Piles, Driven piles & groundomat piles. Our company is driven by passion and is working harder each day to provide our clients guarantee with piece-of mind as high-quality work is our priority right after our customers. Our professionals team work is dynamic, proactive, ambitious, and flexible which naturally translates into engagement & strong work ethic. If you would be interested to read further about who we are and what we could offer within piling sector please visit our dedicated external website www.professionalpiling.co.uk Alternatively, in case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are here to help you.