Basement & Structure

From our experience we know, planning and creating new developments can be difficult, time-consuming and requires great attention to details. Whether you would like to build your dream house or an investment property, we will make sure that your project is moving smoothly and that we meet your financial budget requirements. Limaks Services Ltd offer basement & structure / new build works for residential and commercial sectors. We understand that each customer is different and have different vision of completed project. Our company philosophy allows us to fully understand all requirements of our clients. Weather you would like the structure to be made from wood, bricks & blocks or concrete structure, Limaks Services will adapt to your building preferences. We have an experienced competent project manager who constantly evaluates the progress and prevents from any potential problems. We are happy to take small and big projects and complete them from bottom to top including piling work, basement/structure and finishing the development accordingly with your preferences. If you would like to find out more about piling work or finishing the site, please see section for piling & ground work / refurbishment & renovation.